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What we offer

At MyPrivateI we offer discreet, professional and affordable private investigation services. Our operatives are highly experienced in surveillance and investigations with the latest high tech surveillance equipment to ensure our clients get the best outcome possible.

Factual Investigations

Factual Investigation is a  term given to the interviewing of a person, the gathering of affidavits (Statements), the compilation of timelines, the dissection of, and investigation of, allegations (including allegations briefs) and the location and preservation of evidence.


Used as a tool in the conducting of investigations, it may be either static or mobile surveillance, vehicle mounted or on foot, and includes covert entries (where lawful). We use up to date surveillance equipment including night vision video and covert video equipment to get the best footage possible.

Background Checks

Background Checks can play a vital role in evidence gathering, particularly regarding current or potential partners, and or business partners. If you are suspicious about a person who you might want to employ or a background check on a person you might want to go into business with, or a person you are dating and just want verification of that person, then MyPrivateI has access to numerous databases which will give you the most current information of that person.

Locate a Witness

Having problems locating a witness, for a criminal or civil matter where they need to be traced to be subpoenaed to court? Then our specialised private investigators will trace that witness to their current location and inform you of the outcome.

Child Custody

Are you going through a child custody dispute and need information of your partner’s daily movements and routine that can be used in court? Then our specialised private investigators will use covert surveillance to get the best possible evidence for you in a discreet and professional manner.

Relationship Suspicion / Infidelity

If you suspect your partner is acting in anyway suspicious and have a feeling that he or she is having an affair of any sort then let our specialist private investigators use all our means that is lawful to get you the best possible evidence, which will include undercover and covert surveillance with photos and video footage. We will resolve your suspicion in a discreet and professional manner.

Locate People /
Missing Persons

As Private Investigators we are licensed to investigate a possible missing person who has been missing for a short or long period of time. We use all our resources to find this person and contact you directly of their whereabouts.

Forensic Signature & Handwriting Analysis

Never signed that contract? Do you doubt the signature on your mother’s will was authored by your mother? Suspect someone you know sent you a nasty anonymous letter and would like proof of your suspicions? These are but a few examples on how we can help you find proof.
If you believe that a hand written document or a signature is not genuine, or you would like to verify that it is, then we may be able to assist. Please feel free to give us a call and we can discuss your options with you.