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View live or playback video in high definition



Professional HD 8 channel digital video recorder with 1080p high definition cameras to see and protect your home or office. View live or playback video in high definition on your HDTV or LCD monitor via HDMI or VGA, or login remotely via your Apple or Android compatible Smartphone or Tablet using the free HomeSafe View app. View up to 8 cameras at once, 4 in quad mode or one at a time in high definition 1080p. Long 160+ days recording to massive pre-installed 2TB hard drive.
Choose between 4 or 8 camera kits.

8 channel viewing
HD Live view and recording
Quickshot time lapse
2TB 160+ days recording
Lifetime 24/7 SWANN support

DVR Specifications:
Video – input / output: 8 x BNC / VGA and HDMI
Audio – input / output: 1 x RCA / 1 x RCA
Display / Record resolution: Up to 1080p
Hard Disk Storage: 2TB SATA, supports up to 4TB
Back-up: USB and network remote back-up
Network interface: RJ45
PTZ Control: Supported
Dimensions: 230(W) x 210(D) x 47(H)mm

Camera Specifications:
Effective Pixels: 1080p
Viewing angle: 80 degrees
IP Rating: IP66
Video Output: 1 channel BNC
IR Range: 30m
Power Requirement: DC12V±10%

8 camera kit includes:
1 x 8ch DVR with built-in 2TB HDD, 8 x 1080p HD bullet cameras with mounting hardware, 8 x 18m

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11.6 At the Seller's option, any order may be terminated by the Seller in the event of the insolvency of the Buyer or in the event of execution being levied against any of the property of the Buyer or in the event of the Buyer being placed in liquidation (whether voluntary or otherwise), a receiver & manager or administrator being appointed in respect of the assets or undertaking of the Buyer or the Buyer entering into a deed of composition or arrangement with its creditors or any of them, or in the event that for any reason, in the Seller's reasonable opinion, the Buyer is unlikely to be able to make payment for the goods on the due date.

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